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04 December, 2016
Trencherfield Mill, Heritage Way, Woods Street, Wigan, WN3 4AT

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The wheat was definitely sorted from the chaff with this offering, well done to those of you that made the effort, seriously envious to say the least!


The "Shaley Brow Club"

The “Shaley Brow Club”

Another late arrival.

Late arriver!

Well done Enid, may have had a breather but you did it!

Well done Mad-Enid, may have had a bit of a breather but you made it!

Another decent climb is Crow Lane!

Another decent climb!

Lobby Lud's got in on the act again!

Lobby Lud’s in on the act again!


Whats going on in the Huddle?

Explanation please Jim!

Explanation please Jim!

Hunters Hill conquered, well done folks!

Hunters Hill conquered, well done folks!

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