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Beautiful morning for a bike ride!

And They're Off

Trencherfield 19.7.2016-00-01-38-588

Taking in every word Phil, apart from Enid that is who couldn’t give a S***

Has a week off (without a sick note) and come back minus a leg!

Has a week off (without a sick note mind) and comes back minus a leg!

This could get interesting for the road bikes!

This could get interesting for the road bikes!

I did say interesting!

I did say interesting!

Trencherfield 19.7.2016-00-50-47-671

Good attempt whoever it was, but you need to tuck your elbows in a bit more!

Trencherfield 19.7.2016-00-45-33-558

Wasn’t you was it Roy?

Trencherfield 19.7.2016-00-43-57-829

Eyes on the road Tracy if you don’t mind please, you’re not missing anything!

Trencherfield 19.7.2016-00-58-36-639

As good a place for a chat as any I suppose!

Trencherfield 19.7.2016-01-02-18-894

Remember where this is folks, you may need it later!

Trencherfield 19.7.2016-01-14-39-039 (1)

When the going gets tough!

Trencherfield 19.7.2016-01-24-00-575

This lot get going, pity the tough hasn’t started yet though!

Trencherfield 19.7.2016-01-33-13-234

Maybe now it has!

Trencherfield 19.7.2016-01-18-34-185

Where’s Wally competiton is a little easier this week!


Trencherfield 19.7.2016-01-20-16-058

At least you know where Soapy Bob’s is!

Trencherfield 19.7.2016-01-32-16-430

It must have been either Tracy or Thelma that suggested stopping there!

Trencherfield 19.7.2016-01-37-01-203

Miracle’s will never cease, he’s got his leg back!


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