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Absolutely glorious morning for our Trencherfield outing, is Spring finally here or is it just another false dawn.

Penny Flash

Trencherfield 190416-00-00-38-093

Looking a bit serious for this one folk’s!

Trencherfield 190416-00-08-57-695

You shouldn’t be pushing up there Fran, take a leaf out of Clive’s book!

Trencherfield 190416-00-13-18-062

Dont places look different on camera!

Trencherfield 190416-00-16-52-204

Beautiful morning don’t you think!

Trencherfield 190416-00-39-23-956

Must be Spring, Phil’s got the milk bottles on show!

Trencherfield 190416-00-39-41-440

Bare arms from Carole as well, heatwave maybe?

Trencherfield 190416-00-39-43-142

Sheila’s taking the caution approach, “nee’r cast a clout till may is out”

Trencherfield 190416-00-48-26-798

Your secrets been rumbled Thelma, just noticed the tow rope!

Trencherfield 190416-01-13-52-686

What a difference a bit of blue sky makes!

Trencherfield 190416-01-24-51-276

You don’t half cast a big shadow Anthony!

Trencherfield 190416-01-27-55-068

You can do it Carole!

Trencherfield 190416-01-28-05-002

Last hill of the day!

Trencherfield 190416-01-52-58-091

The easy run back to Wigan!

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