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Last Three Sisters outing of the year, only a few days before Christmas but we still managed quite a decent turnout, plus the weather wasn’t too bad. We did however manage to find a few puddles to wade through, wouldn’t be the same without them!

Next Three Sisters ride will be on Tuesday 5th Jan, have a great New Year and will see you all soon!

Around The Fir Tree

Three Sisters 221215-00-01-17-990

I haven’t a clue what they’ve found so interesting!

Three Sisters 221215-00-31-27-214

No signs of the flooding yet to come!

Three Sisters 221215-00-37-48-561

We’ve crossed this a few times over the last 12 months!

Three Sisters 221215-01-13-00-600

Becoming a familiar sight, Doreen leading the way!

Three Sisters 221215-01-13-39-940

Amend that earlier comment!

Three Sisters 221215-01-14-10-370

Has Christine missed a ride since she joined us?

Three Sisters 221215-01-43-34-286

Bit of a traffic jam, probably some idiot with a camera blocking the way!

Three Sisters 221215-01-46-58-188

Not quite as rough as it looks, the route that is, not Fran!

Not sure what these two are up to, but there's some nifty footwork going on!

Not sure what these two are up to, but there’s some nifty footwork going on!

Back around the Lake for the last time in 2015!

Back around the Lake for the last time in 2015!

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  • enid pomfret

    says on:
    December 27, 2015 at 10:18 pm

    gentleman john was using a stick to get dog poo off the bottom of my shoe! thanks again john

    • Len

      says on:
      December 29, 2015 at 3:58 pm

      Was that the same stick from earlier how did you know you would need it, that’s a woman for you always planning ahead.

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