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Yet another well attended excursion out from Three Sisters, mild, dry & puncture free that’s what we like!

Muddy Valley

SANKEY VALLEY-00-21-27-550

Nice camera angle Phil, the job’s yours!

SANKEY VALLEY-00-53-12-273

Even doing formation cycling now!

SANKEY VALLEY-00-57-25-435

The Gatekeeper!

SANKEY VALLEY-01-07-26-133

Not quite as bad as the Guild Wheel.

SANKEY VALLEY-01-15-48-254

Another great bit of composition Phil, pity about the smear!

SANKEY VALLEY-01-21-42-905

Impressive sight seeing us stretched out into the distance. Wonder what onlookers think!

SANKEY VALLEY-01-23-05-070

Enjoy the hill Pete?

SANKEY VALLEY-01-23-46-478

Roy definitely wins the Darth Vader lookalike competition! Don’t know about the dark side but it’s probably his best side.


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