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Unbelievable morning again for our excursion around Wigan, unseasonably warm and the Sun made an appearance as well, can’t ask for much more. Twenty two of us took advantage and headed up via Scotsman’s to the Whelley Loop and into the Plantations. Gave the Hall a miss on this occasion, did the little climb to the main gates before making our way through Gidlow and Beech Hill to join the canal for the journey back at Martland Mill. Did have something a little more strenuous in mind, (don’t think Jim was up to it though) sighs of relief all round I would imagine, maybe next time!

Thanks for coming along everyone, hope you enjoyed it!

Enid's photo-bombing again!

Enid’s photo-bombing again!


Always get a great photo along here!

May have been sunny, but we still had a few puddles!

May have been sunny, but we still had a few puddles!


First pit stop of the day!


Can you help Thelma, got an itch I can’t quite reach!


Ahh, that’s much better!


Looking very inquisitive fella’s!

Could be mudguard season!

Could be mudguard season!

There's a road under there somewhere!

There’s a road under there somewhere!


Obviously the hill wasn’t tough enough!

Homeward bound!

Homeward bound!

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  • Simon

    says on:
    November 11, 2015 at 4:26 pm

    Spoiled once again with the weather, great company, turnout and always a good laugh. Cheers Paul
    Linky thing too route http://www.sports-tracker.com/workout/sg64/82cmdn2a75sk86cl

  • elaine

    says on:
    November 15, 2015 at 8:38 pm

    I was actually holding doreens bike whil she put away her waterproof and thelma scratched tracys back, dont know what im gesticulating at though. A lovely warm day for a ride. Thanks paul.

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